Breaker and Bayn's Power Hour: The Most Energizing Podcast In All Of Podcasting, is a podcast about any and all topics that are found to be interesting. Somewhat centered around the world of professional wrestling, however, Brian Breaker and Bayn venture off into whatever they can. 

Our Story

Brian Breaker and Bayn have known each other since the seventh grade, and developed their friendship through many common interests. One of which being Professional Wrestling. Though upon graduating, they took very separate paths. Brian Breaker took to his lifelong dream of becoming a pro wrestler, and made it to the WWE to perform in their developmental branch called NXT. Bayn studied music and made it his passion, and has since then produced a full length LP, and two EP's. Now they're together again giving you the most energizing podcast in all of podcasting: Breaker And Bayn's Power Hour!