The Rap Rant.

I have some spare time here, so I’ll take this time to list and express some annoyances I have with rap.


  1. Why Can’t I Have Fun?! I get it… It’s rap (or hip hop, whatever you like to call it), which usually means you have to act tough right? MEH. It has me so frustrated that I can’t write a goofy ass song, with even goofier ass lyrics, without people saying “Hey, this cat isn’t real.” WHAT THE HELL IS REAL THEN?! (Which brings me to point two, but i’ll get there in a second.) Last time I checked I'm not a figment of your imagination. I wake up and take a piss just like everyone else does. So tell me again, how am I not real? Ya see, a HUGE majority of rappers in Oklahoma alone have this pretentious attitude that what they're feeding to these people are better than what the rest have written down. News flash fella, it’s not. If it were, you’d be making a shit ton more money than every one else, and everyone would be copying you. Point being, get over yourself. 

  2. What Is Real? The biggest critique I’ve gotten from people in my four years of doing rap is to “be you” or “just be real man”. Who the hell do you think I’m trying to portray? I personally think it’s ok to have a list of songs where hardly any of them sound the same. HEY! Get this guys and dolls, I don’t JUST like hip hop. I like Pop, as well as Country, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Easy Listening, Folk, and the list goes on. Frankly if I want to have a song from each genre of music there is, that is just me being ME. I’ll write another welcome to the show, and then write three more lonesome valleys right after just to piss you off! Because I’m OK with writing what I want to write, and I’m OK with being me. I'm also OK with you being uncomfortable with me being in your "rap game"
  3. Don’t Critique My Writing, Unless I’ve Asked For Your Opinions. This one bothers me. Some of you may know, and some of you may not know this, but before I was a “rapper” I was a frontman for two bands. Before i wrote lyrics and became the front man for those two bands, I was simply a writer. I have a book about 200 pages long of just poetry. When I was a junior in high school I won 3rd place in a college level poetry contest. I may not be the best essay writer, but if I am one thing, it’s a wordsmith. So the LAST thing that i care to hear is your opinion on what i’ve written. If I wrote it, it either has meaning, or I just thought it was funny as hell when i thought of it. 
  4. Stop saying you’re going places. Especially, when you’re performing for 12 people at the local dive bar, and have twenty some odd plays on soundcloud. I see you, and you’re full of horse crap. I get it, you want to get people on board with what you and your people are doing, but if you’ve been around for awhile and people still aren’t on board… Maybe we're just... bored. It may be time to switch up the ole style. 
  5. Don’t say “Support Locals” when you don’t do it your damned self. This is my final annoyance that i’ll speak on. This is something I had to deal with when I played in rock bands too. I completely understand not staying for the acts that are after you. 9 times out of 10, I don’t do it either. Usually, I want to play my set, and get the hell out of there because I enjoy home. Something you WON’T hear me say right before I leave the stage is: "Hey guys be sure to stick around for rest of the guys, support local hip hop!" Because that would be a little hypocritical of me. If you’re going to say “support local hip hop” or any other genre that you’re involved with, you better make damn sure your happy ass is staying the whole night. The repercussions of this is very clear and very simple: People catch on to you “not supporting” and they’ll stop supporting you. 


In closing… Quit being an asshole. I’m in music because it’s fun and I enjoy MUSIC. I’m going to have fun with whatever song I choose to write. I’m going to be real, but not to you and your douche bag friends, but to me. I’m going to write whatever lyrics I want to write, because I want to write them (there are only a select few people who get to critique me and they know who they are). I’m going to be content with being a local, and if the stars align and that changes, maybe i’ll say i’m going somewhere. And I won’t SAY I’m supporting you, If I do support you…. you’ll know it by my actions. 

Take Care,