Becoming A Better Wrestler

I've wanted to do a blog about this for some time now, so here goes...

-What makes you a better wrestler? Well I believe there are many things that complete this process, but the biggest thing is you never stop learning in this business. Every single match can have improvement, always keep that in mind.

-For the first 3 years of my time in WLW with Harley Race, all the veterans always critiqued my work. Telling me what I needed to work on. That process has carried over, I constantly think about all the bad things I've done in my matches. I critique myself and do my best not to make those same mistakes twice.

-After many years with Harley, I have become one of the veterans. Thus, I needed critique from someone who had more experience than myself. No doubt, not many people have more experience than the man himself, Harley Race. I spent many hours from 2009-2012 in his office, simply just asking questions about the business, psychology, etc.

-I highly recommend finding someone whose opinion you respect, and asking him questions. Because we can all get better, think about your matches, think about the person you are working, and think about always becoming a better performer

-Now as far as training goes, there are tons of people who can train you. But very few who can train you correctly and help your career in positive ways. If you do not seek out further training or getting in touch with the right people who can help you along the way, then don't expect to go as far as someone who will do that.

-Also, my last piece of advice, find something that challenges your creativity. That is why I wanted to start the podcast. (It was my idea too don't let bayn fool you!) I decided doing this show would be fun, and help my brain open up in many other ways.

-Brian Breaker