Had Enough - "Do Not Disturb The Introvert" Album Review

One thing I have found troubling with underground artists is their inability to find good production quality in their music. This, however, is not the case with Had Enough. "Do Not Disturb The Introvert" is the artist's latest effort and is probably the most well produced album I have heard from anyone in Oklahoma (even some of the bigger acts). 

Had Enough isn't for the club. He makes that very clear in his writing. With rhymes like "Fuck the scene I just want to lie down in my house" he lets everyone know he's not writing for a spin in the local EDM club. 

Do Not Disturb The Introvert may seem self explanatory at first glance, thinking: "Oh yeah an album about being introverted, cool." (Which was my initial thought when he first began promoting the album) But it's much more, and the key words in the title (I think) are "Do Not Disturb". 

Delving into a world of darker rhymes that borderline on the horror core rap genre, Had Enough's latest effort won't be for the faint of heart. Many mentions of murder in various way here, that seem grotesque yet fitting (for the song) all at the same time. 

Though, it's not just about murdering your victim with a hatchet or your choice of weapon. It's also depicting the life of a struggling mc, struggling with having the regular 9-5 job, relationships, and so much more relatable struggles that we all seem to go through. This album is real life people! I think it deserves a listen.

Let's talk about the features. Normally, when i click to play a song with features from people I've never heard of, I'm a bit skeptical. I was in this case as well. However, I was shocked at how good every single feature was! Young Toro kicked the shit out of his verse on "Autistic or Artistic?" and gave it a mother fucking swirly to boot. He straight up BULLIED that verse. I loved it. And I thought, ok... Nice surprise! No way the rest are as good though. Then BAM! Big Chico comes in the next song "Everybody's Fake" and just fucks shit up. He murdered that verse. Kamino (Stan Lee's Revenge) and Brian Terry (All Fucked Up & Nowhere to Go) did the same thing with their verses. I was so shocked, in a good way! I get so excited when I hear underground artists that sound better than most of the guys on top of the game. So to you gentlemen, You have gained a fan in Big_Bayn and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you guys.

There was a female vocalist who sang on two separate tracks named Elissa Mae. Good singers are even harder to come by than good rappers. And props to Elissa for outshining everyone else I've heard on an underground album! You sound fantastic! 

The last feature to mention is Tha Soloist. He's a dude from New York, and up until this verse I had never heard him. Everyone I know sings his praises but I slept on his music until listening to this verse. And I feel like a jackass, because I completely regret never listening to him. He's incredible. Absolutely incredible. Simply put. I will probably post this, then go buy whatever music he has available because this cat is insane! Not to mention, I just love the new york sound that comes out of his flow. It's badass.

This album is a huge progression from Had Enough's earlier efforts. He seems to get better and better as time goes on. His beat selection is second to none when it comes to the underground scene. Perfect blend of instruments and they all seemed perfectly mixed. This album was a breath of fresh air to me when it comes to the underground scene. I'm excited for the release of this and you should be too. If you'd like to preorder this album click here.

As for rating the album... We rate on a scale of monster cans because we drink them a lot. Suck it. And I give this one:

4 Monster Cans out of 5. 

- Bayn