Stephen Amell At Summerslam

Hey everybody, I haven't posted a blog in sometime. My plan is to start doing these more regularly. So… If I don't, tweet me and bug me about it. @BrianbreakerODR

This blog is going to concern celebrities in the world of pro wrestling. Celebrities have always been involved in wrestling, since it has become a mainstream form of entertainment.  

From Mr. T, Cyndi Lauper and all of the other celebrities at wrestlemania I. To present day having Stephen Amell of "Arrow" competing at this year's Summerslam.

Personally I am very excited, because having a celebrity always creates more buzz on the product. Granted Stephen Amell is no Mike Tyson. I do believe his appearance will bring a lot of his fan base to wrestling.

Another attribute that I believe will open some eyes. He is an amazing athlete, the stunts he does on Arrow are outstanding. I believe Amell will open a lot of eyes for wrestling and non wrestling people. 

It's no secret I am a huge fan of his show. I enjoy most comic book related forms of entertainment. Including movies, TV shows, and video games. So for me I feel this could be one of the greatest celebrity matches in wrestling history.

But we will all just have to stay tune to find out!

-Brian Breaker