BBPH Ep. 207 - Nick Arcade's Phil Moore Pt. 1, Amazing NXT Signings, and Breaker And Bayn Pop Vinyls?!

Part one of our interview with the host of Nick Arcade, Phil Moore! Plus the boys are talking the incredible new NXT signings (Ricochet, War Machine, and Candice LaRae), Making their Royal Rumble picks, and a friend of the show has made Breaker and Bayn Pop Vinyls! (we have his social in the episode notes, go follow him!) We also have possibly the worst sounding soda ever this week as they try "Barf" soda. This is a do not miss episode, so do. not. miss!

BBPH Ep. 206 - Kikutaro Pt. 2, Royal Rumble Talk, And Tide Pod Challenge?

Part 2 of our interview with Kikutaro! Plus the boys are talking Royal Rumble and what we might be seeing during the match. As well as India's own "Bayn" and a great WTF story involving teenagers eating Tide Pods. YES! Kids are now eating laundry detergent as a "funny" challenge. Dear God in heaven you do NOT want to miss this episode!