THM Ep. 79 - Things...

The Crew (& Pastor Trey) get together to discuss the New City Catechisms, and talk about PT's future! Also, They play a game called "The Game Of Things..." #STAYFRESH

THM Ep. 78 - Off Topic

The Crew is back again for the last episode until the 2-week break! Ezra talks about his journey from his first life all the way to now! #StaySafeAroundTrains #STAYFRESH

THM Ep. 77 - Off Topic

The Crew gets together for the first episode without interns to discuss the new hit movies coming out soon! #STAYFRESH

THM Ep. 76 - Veteran's Day

The Crew gets together to talk about the special day to celebrate the Veterans who risk their lives each and every day. Also, Ezra starts a "Disney Quiz" #STAYFRESH

THM Ep. 75 - Friends & Family

The Crew gets together to talk about how friends and family impact our growth in life! Also, Ezra and Anthony argue in Mindless Chatter! #STAYFRESH 

THM Ep. 74 - Super Powers

The Crew gets together to talk about what their "non-cliche" super power would be! Also, Ezra talks about Hockey! #STAYFRESH